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View from Far Bank End Farm over the Forest Of Rossendale (Commission) 06-Apr-17 5-19-11 PM

A view of Pendle from Far Bank End Farm  oil on canvas 100x950 cm


This piece was painted from a series of pochades en plein air paintings as well as a number of site visits. Based on an earlier work that the client had purchased of Far Bank End Farm. It was exhilarating to be about and about through autumn and into winter watching the endless pattern of the day. The piece attemptes to capture the remote farm andits expansive view over the Lancashire Uplands and on to Pendle Hill

Friday the 29th March 10.30am- 5.30pm


Studio 11  Falcon Mill Halliwell Bolton

Heysham 20x49cm Lancashire Coast 11-10-2018 15-41-