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About me



I was born in the Ribble Valley Lancashire and I've had a passion and flair for drawing and painting since my  first oil painting at the age of seven. I studies art at Bolton University gaining a distinction in painting. I also studied for an MA in Art History.  I am a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.


I try to present a painted version of the landscape or coastline stripped down to its essential parts. I make an attempt to visualise the relationship between human habitation or marks on the land and the geography of a place. I know that this geography, the rocks, earth sky and water is constantly changing and being changed and I want my paintings to display this movement. I believe the Northern landscape is breathtaking. I want to share my sense of awe  that I feel in nature with others.


I tend to paint more in oils than other mediums I'm happy working with any or all because I think each medium has its own organic action that create nuances making the surface of the painting visually  interesting.  For me they reflect the organic process of the land and sea.

Work in my studio and outside at Hest bank

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