Rob Miller Art Commissions

  • First of all the commissioned work is your special piece of art and we  start with your idea. So From concept to completion, the client and artist work together to bring an idea to reality.


  • What size, colour or shade do you want for your commissined painting?   Before we talk its useful for you to know the size of your painting We have an initial discussion on subject, materials, size and the space where you want to site the work. For works under 1 metre I make a    medium sized model watercolour  sketch as a minimum and if all is okay we proceed onto the main work.


  • What subject matter / narrative would you like?  Whether you would like a seascape, landscape of townscape  its useful if you either make available photographs of the subject to help me determine what is needed or give me a viewpoint and maybe  a guide to the season that you would like painting. This will also enable me to give you a better estimate.


  • When do you want your painting completed? We agree a time scale for the work along with any agreed prliminary stages  like thumbnail drawings, sketches and watercolours.


  • What is your budget? Be honest with yourself. If its tight I may be able to work with you and let your know how to decrease your costs.We agree a budget and a final price.


  • How do you finalise the commission that you  want?  After the prelim is agreed we can discuss the work,  make any changes needed and when  you like what you see we firm up the arrangement with an invoice which includes a down payment of a third of the total price.


  • Do you want a very large painting or more than one painting?  For a large piece over 1 metre square  I  make a medium sized mixed media work and if and when all is okay then I proceed onto the main piece. The mixed media work and drawings can be included in the full package.  

On this page I take a look at Commissioning a Landscape or a Seascape painting.

  • Some general points


  • The price of the work is generally based upon current prices of my work in gallery and the studio. It can be negotiated.

  • Framing costs are not included in the price but I can  arrange for framing with an excellent Lancashire framemaker if required.

  • Prints can be made of the finished work  on request from one print to 20. This would be invoiced and paid for separatly before delivery.

  • Delivery and packaging costs are not included in the price and are charged as and when required.

  • Payment is paid in three parts. Deposit, a third at the end of the final stage and the last payment on delivery.

  • Payment is in sterling by Paypal, Bacs, Cheque or cash. Unless agreed otherwise. VAT is not included or payable.

  • Testamonials


  • These are gorgeous paintings When will you come paint us in New York City? Emma O'Donnell Broadway

  • M G Morning clouds lifting Striding edge and Striding edge 3 Thankyou they are absolutely lovely.

  • D S I am sure your paintings here will be appreciated by a lot of people in the future (Lingholm)

  • J D “Thanks for the print, and the delivery! I'm absolutely thrilled with it and can't wait to get it framed and on the wall.” Thanks again J.D

  • J N Rob's paintings have a spiritual quality that I find compelling. I bought a picture from him and he was kind enough to deliver it in person with great care, what a star, thanks Rob.

  • G S Hi Rob my father absolutely loved the work. Many thanks again!

  • This was exactly as I saw the painting

Artwork Apartment (3)

'Pochades' are en plain air small oil paintings measure 22x30 cm 'pochades'. They are  usually painted in one to three sittings (dependant on the British weather.)  These wonderful small paintings were developed by the French Impressions to record a scene or season. They were often undertaken as a prelim to larger paintings. But on their own they make a delighfull and colourfull statement as well as a perfect gift. They are ideal as a small commission and can be painted from a reasonable photograph.

Pochade Commissions