Rob Miller Art Commissions


"Painting from nature is not copying the object, it is realising ones sensations" Paul Cezanne.


Why commission a painting?  Everyone has a favourite place by the seaside or in a landscape that is meaningful for them and that you would like to see at home or at the office. It is your personal meaning of 'your' place  that forms the narrative off your commission by you sharing your thoughts during the painting process with Rob. From the moment that you commission a Seascape or Landscape with me, I invite you to become engaged in creativity. It is your painting and a work of art that is personal to you, its title, subject, colour, and form. At the end of the process you also get the sketches and notes that record the creative journey.

WE Commissions web site Lingholm South Stone room


Commission a painting

personalised art created specifically for you.

The Lingholm Estate Stone room Derwentwater Fells:- South tryptich




How does commissioning work?


On receipt of your message, I will get back to you with some details and suggestions for your project. Once you select the general subject matter and size I will call you and arrange a meeting at my studio or at your home to discuss the details of the piece and decide how we can develop it together. I will then make some small drawings watercolour models and if all is agreeable we agree the commission. The painting typically takes from 6 to 12 weeks to complete depending on size. Oils will take longer due to their slow drying rate


Any questions?  Click here for commissioning., or feel free to call me on 07841140562. You can also click here for more examples of my artwork  

Above:- Some samples of work undertaken during recent projects


Are you looking for the perfect original for your home or business? If so to please browse this website and my gallery links. Like what you see? Start the process with a simple email to [email protected] or message me on social media with the approximate size, favourite place, subject matter and if you know it, your choice of medium oil, watercolour or acrylic.