Rob Miller Art Commissions

Hest Bank oil on canvas 90x110 cm 27-10-2018 14-37-45

Lancashires Morecambe Bay  Seascape  Hesk bank Autumn . Commissions undertaken

Three small paintings on the easel in the studio. Painted from memory and sketches they are an autumnal Hesk bank. size 24x30 cm


Hest Bank  Late Spring Oil on Canvas.

Diary notes en plein air. Spring Hest Bank


"Here I'm standing on the edge of a broad green swath of short sea grass  that stretches away into the distance on either side but especially more so towards the brightening bank of Silverdale. I look to see where I should place my easel on this billiard table. I need to take care for wherever I stand and start to paint I am making a commitment to stay in that place for  two or three hours.  The flat expanse is broken in places by holes of mud that increase over distance under finally the grass is broken and a sandy beach ripples pan like. The sand is wet and acts like a giant mirror. At the bottom of the mirror a river snake shines brightly above the river a metallic curtain of vapour shimmers. This curtain moves and  masks  the distant shore  and above that shore a long bank of darker fells float below the white clouds that are stationary above them. Here, in paint I must convey a vast expanse of air, a vast layer of water that is absent and yet present, mobility of things,  change can take place here rapidly."

Pochades en plein air location Hest Bank Morecambe.