Rob Miller Art Commissions

Lingholm . Dawn Borrowdale Gates . Rob Miller work in progress.

Landscape Commissions

The Lake District is high on my list of places to paint landscape. A couple of years ago I was commissioned to paint the Derwentwater Fells for the Stone Room which is a very large hall situated in Lingholm's main house on the west shore of  Derwentwater. Making the two 6metre by 2 metre Paintings of Derwentwaters Fells was inspiring and required many explorations into the local landscape. I was based on site during the entire process in the Victorian  Chapel which we made into a temporary studio....


Here is an excert from my notes "Despite the tight time table I had a significant feeling of adventure and history during those months at Lingholm. I woke at 6am on location, went down from the Skiddaw Suite into my studio;  the suns rays flickering across Derwentwater. Following in Beatrice Potters Herberts Island brushmarks a 100 years ago was special. I'm also a follower of Paul Cezanne dictat if the painting does not have a direct link to nature whats the point? So I'd spend a couple of hours  blocking out the underpainting for the Borrowdale centre piece. I had already explored the hanging reflections of Ladore earlier in late summer. So after  breakfast at 8am I got my  sketching stuff together and rowed the boat  out to the Lingholm Islands  to join my friends the geese family, brew some tea and study the wooded foreshore and Catbells rising above it in autumnal splendour."

The initial drawings and explorations

Making the modellos  Sepia trials acrylic on paper

Developing colour and the final modellos featuring Catbells acrylic on paper and the final modellos

The two Derwentwater Fells tryptichs that I painted at Lingholm is the largest of my commissioned works. The process and techniques however remain the same. I will try and take you through the steps quickly and then direct you to the Lingholm site for more information.



The piece featured is Borrowdale Gates one of a group of trial works in acrylics on paper

Developing the final paintings. Showing below the stages of  Derwentwater Fells North