Rob Miller Art Commissions



This one metre Square, oil painting, commission featured here is a favourite Lancashire Scene. The 'Loud Valley looking from Longridge Fell across to the Trough of Bowland. As a Lancashire Artist and Blackburn Rambler I can tell you that its a view that I loved painting.


Its a spacious view much loved by many others and especially by one particular family some of whom now live  and work in  Hampshire and commute daily to London.  


The colours of this warm autumn Lancashire landscape, Chipping village and local farms  shadowed under moving clouds or bright sun light make the view a lived memory of walks enjoyed. For me this wholeheartedly embraces  the essence of my work.


I really wanted all the family who live in a lovely contemporay Hampshire home to experience the best of a Lancashire country hill walk.


Its the pleasure they took in developing this narrative and owning both the artwork and the process which makes painting this  commission for them very much a sharred enjoyable process.

My Landscape and seascape paintings are about life and about a sense of place. On this page I try and explain the painting process.

“A good painting keeps a moment from running away.”

Rob Miller

Loud-Valley-Oil-painting-by-Rob-Miller Loud-Valley-Oil-painting-by-Rob-Miller


The painting Process


The painting process begins with setting the mood of the painting through loose watercolour sketches in colour of sepia monotone.


I like to ensure that I'm keeping away from detail except for the significant aspects of the view and the broad light which can be quite unique to each valley in Lancashire's Hill Country.


Details of woods or farms etc are then explored through thumbnail sketches. The oil painting follows the same process with initial washes of colour across the whole canvas to set the tone. Drawings and sketches are referenced and some details marked. After this the painting gradually emerges through a mix of glazes and mark making.

The effect of this technique can be quite abstract and painterly, yet the painting retains a strong remblance of the the initially chosen view.






Lancashires Loud Valley Oil on Canvas 1 metre square