Rob Miller Art Commissions



This one metre Square, oil painting, commission featured here is a favourite Lancashire Scene. The 'Loud Valley looking from Longridge Fell across to the Trough of Bowland. As a Lancashire Artist and walker I can tell you that its a view that I loved painting.


Its a spacious view much loved by many others and especially by one particular family some of whom now live  and work in  Hampshire and commute daily to London.  


The colours of this warm autumn Lancashire landscape, Chipping village and local farms  shadowed under moving clouds or bright sun light make the view a lived memory of walks enjoyed. For me this wholeheartedly embraces  the essence of my work.


I really wanted all the family who live in a lovely contemporay Hampshire home to experience the best of a Lancshire country hill walk.


Its the pleasure they took in developing this narrative and owning both the artwork and the process which makes painting this  commission for them very much a sharred enjoyable process.

My Landscape paintings are about life and about a sense of place. On this page I try and explain my painting process.

“A good painting keeps a moment from running away.”

Rob Miller

Loud-Valley-Oil-painting-by-Rob-Miller Loud-Valley-Oil-painting-by-Rob-Miller

I try to present in my paintings as a version of the landscape or coastline stripped down to its essential parts.  I also try and visualise the relationship between human habitation or marks on the land and the geography of a place. I know that this geography the rocks, earth sky and water is constantly changing and I want my paintings to display this as a continuous elemental, sense of movement of natural energy. I believe the northern landscape is breathtaking with the land ravaged by wind and water, yet it stands seemingly unmoving with all the elements seemingly defient and intimidating and yet remodelling remaking each other. Like the international Impressionists and 18C English Landscape painters before me I want to share my sense of awe  that I feel in nature with others as its important. In my paintings I want to record the essence of this sharred experience.


I tend to paint more in oils than other mediums but I also know that each medium has its own organic action that create nuances which make the surface of the painting visually more  interesting. I want to be able to show these in my finished work. For me they reflect the organic process of the land and sea. Its this interest in two things the scene and the paintd surface that  balances my work between  representation and abstraction.


I dont like to be bound my rules especially those of my own making, which would be daft. My purpose is to free up our visual understanding of things so whether I start with oils on canvas outdoors, a watercoour sketche or my or someone elses photographs is irrelevant as whatever my starting point I have no firm idea of how the project will turn out.  This is because I need to respond to whats happening and so I let  both my conscious and sub conscious actions  find their own natural balance and its this that produces my best art. As long as it  places the viewer into the process of both abstracting the painting and knowing the place. Thats all I want to happen,  Ive done my bit and so the viewer must do theirs as well.


I was born in Whalley Lancashire and Ive had a passion and flair for drawing and painting since my  first oil painting at the age of seven.

I am a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. and have spent my life developing opportunities for many young people from England’s inner cities to develop their own creative skills.

Lancashires Loud Valley Oil on Canvas 1 metre square